Prolonged Unconsciousness in Covid19

With so much still unknown, regarding the effects of COVID 19 on the brain, Dr. W. Abdo sheds light into a tragic and terrifying correlation...

From Neurology Today's podcast titled, "Prolonged Unconsciousness in COVID-19; Making the Diagnosis of Brain Death," Dr. Abdo references to a recent study he analyzed. He alluded to 3 common characteristics for patients who ultimately succumbed to COVID related neurological complications.

1. pts. opened eyes, to stimuli, within 1-12 days after cessation of sedation meds. At this moment, no further eye movements or signs off a higher LOC.

2. pts. started to move eyes & at times appear to follow objects within 6-14 days after cessation of sedation. Still did not obey any commands.

3. pts. started to obey commands 8-31 days after cessation of sedation.

Synopsis: prolonged unconsciousness (up to a month after sedation was stopped), later determined to be the result of variability in micro bleeds & large tentorial strokes, was a clear indicator/predictor of COVID-19 related deaths.

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