• Saundra Smyrski

Post Concussion Guidelines For Improvement

The Concussion Quality Measurement Work Group, recently brought to the forefront 3 approved quality measures for mTBI,

They are as follows:

  1. Concussion Symptom Evaluation

  2. Appropriate Neurological Exam

  3. Documentation of return to play strategy or protocol.

Included alongside these recommendations were the following 5 areas for improvement:

  1. Neuroimaging

  2. Return to school and work

  3. Post-traumatic headache

  4. Depression


  • Neither CT nor MRI are recommended for the routine diagnosis of acute concussion.

  • Recent advances have presented rapid blood-based biomarkers for the determination of the appropriateness of CT for acute head injury (Rose et al, 2019)

Return to School and Work

  • A slow, tapered approach is recommended regarding returning academics or the workplace

Post- Traumatic Headache

  • Headache is the most common patient complaint post- concussion.

  • Nonopioid analgesics are recommended for the treatment of headache after acute concussion.

  • Analgesic overuse should be avoided.


  • Patients with mood/anxiety disorders established prior to this injury are at risk for persistent post-concussive symptoms.

  • A correlation has been made between concussion and an increased risk of ideation, attempt, and completion of suicide.

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