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Money is the Motive for Brain Injury Claims

More and more, studies are being conducted pertaining to 2 invaluable words- "I'm Sorry."

Research concludes that at the core of most of mankind, is a strong desire to be heard and understood. When someone we care about is injured, at the expense of another party, we want to know the truth. We want to know/hear 3 things:

1. What truthfully happened?

2. "I'm sorry." (an apology)

3. A plan to "make it right."

By satisfying these 3 needs, we feel heard and thus, we feel our feelings- validated. Surely, this alone does not halt all injured parties from seeking legal counsel; however, a recent study conducted, showed a decrease in suits being filed by 70%, when the before mentioned 3 components were satisfied.

Unfortunately, individuals and organizations alike are not always so forthcoming. This leads to patients/families seeking a legal opinion.

Especially in alleged brain injury, med malpractice cases, where the stakes are high and the emotions higher, the only thing that matters to the clients we serve is... WINNING.

Nicholas and Courtney Rowley say it best in their book, Running With the Bulls... "Money is the only justice available in the civil cases that we handle."

Brain injury cases. It's what we do! It's who we are! Call us today at 727.225.4358.

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