• Saundra Smyrski

Commit 1st. Figure it Out Later.

At Saundra Smyrski LLC, we model Grant Cardone's Philosophy- "Commit 1st figure it out later."

I believe that long-standing growth is achieved through adversity. I also know that sometimes the greatest adversary is the man/woman in the mirror. I have made it my mission to never succumb to the unknown and instead, make it my mission TO KNOW.

My personal motto: If there is something I do not know, that should be the last time I do not know it! Yes, I'm the nurse that took notes throughout my shift, jotted down all the little surprises throughout the day, then went home after a 12, 13, 16 hour shift and researched the unfamiliar to adhere to my motto.

This same discipline and work ethic is exemplified in every crack and crevice here at Saundra Smyrski LLC!

This being said, we are big proponents for seeking out assistance if that is what is best for our clients and their cases. As a team, we can often accomplish more than individually.

For your BRAIN INJURY cases CALL US at 727.225.4358! We are armed and ready to advocate excellence and mandate integrity!

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