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Saundra Smyrski BSN, RN, CLNC

Brain Injury & Brain-Related Birth Injury 
Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

A multifaceted approach is a non-negotiable when pioneering true health system reform (2).

"I find great purpose in affording attorneys my firsthand patient, parental, & healthcare provider medical malpractice professional perspective. The ability to use my unparalleled insight to provide the negligently-injured a voice, while ensuring justice is served-
THIS is my daily alarm clock." ~Saundra Smyrski

As your Brain Injury/ Brain-related Birth Injury Certified Legal Nurse Consultant:

  • I extract from unique patient, parental, and healthcare provider experiences to afford invaluable, internal, and instrumental insight

  • Define relevant standards of care, evaluate applicable policies and procedures, and analyze possible deviations, to inform strategic analysis of healthcare treatment

  • Analyze available information on circumstances surrounding health condition and care delivery to develop chronologies, summaries, authoritative documents, and evidence-based educational reports

  • Apply health system/ Electronic Health Record (EHR) understanding as a risk management scholar to identify system deficiencies and poorly performing operational processes

  • Evaluate alleged injuries based on current healthcare recommendations and recommend damages

The Harsh Reality

No one seeks medical care expecting to be harmed in the process; yet, every day, it happens- over and repeatedly. The rendering of a healthcare service ends in personal injury, permanent disability, significant functional impairment, and a decreased quality of life.


From a collaborative patient, parental, and healthcare provider perspective, I understand firsthand, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ramifications resulting from a loved one's undue injury/death.

As the mother of a baby boy who experienced a watershed stroke (widespread brain injury) and as a bachelor-prepared registered nurse whose career endeavors and specialty of choice have been Neuroscience Intensive/ Critical Care, I am armed and well equipped with a very UNIQUE & LUCRATIVE:

1. Patient

2. Parental

3. Healthcare provider perspective


This triad of experience has made me painfully aware of the gaps within our failing healthcare system. The gaps that have failed many of the clients you serve. The gaps that fail many of the patients I care for. And the same gaps that failed my son; ultimately leading to his significant widespread brain injury and long-term neurological deficits.

~Saundra Smyrski

A multifaceted approach is a non-negotiable when pioneering true health system reform (3).

Internal insighT & firsthand
Med. Mal

5 months bedside (ICU) with son who suffered significant brain damage-the result of medical malpractice

14+ years in healthcare

32-Bed Neuro ICU/ Level I Trauma Ctr./ Nationally Designated Stroke Ctr. 


& Healthcare Provider

Unparalleled, comprehensive, insider perspective of our failing health systems today; from a patient, parental, and healthcare provider perspective.

Nica scholar


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