About Saundra Smyrski, RN, BSN, CLNC, CCFP

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Saundra Smyrski is Pioneering True Healthcare Reform, as a CEO/ Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Working Tirelessly on Behalf of the Attorneys Who Serve Victims of Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Brain Injury Cases.


No one seeks medical care expecting to be harmed in the process; yet, every day, it happens- over and repeatedly. The rendering of a healthcare service ends in personal injury, permanent disability, significant functional impairment, and a decreased quality of life, leading up to and including death.


From a collaborative patient, parental, and healthcare provider perspective, Saundra understands firsthand, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ramifications resulting from a loved one's undue injury/death.


One shot! That's it! One shot, is all your client has at a chance of justice and a future, as bright as possible. From 1st hand experience- I understand.


As the mother of a toddler who experienced a brain injury at 6 months old, and as a registered nurse whose career endeavors and specialty of choice has been Neuroscience Intensive/ Critical Care, I am armed and well equipped with a very UNIQUE & LUCRATIVE:
1. Patient
2. Parental &
3. Healthcare provider perspective.

This triad of experience has made me painfully aware of the gaps within our failing healthcare system. The gaps that have failed many of the clients you serve. The gaps that failed many of the patients I cared for. And the same gaps that failed my son; ultimately leading to his brain injury and lifelong battle forevermore. 


My ability to use:
1. Internal insight afforded from months upon months bedside with my son in the Intensive Care setting
2. Brain/ Neuro-specific expertise I gained working in Neuroscience Intensive Care
3. Medical/ nursing knowledge acquired with 14 years in healthcare under my belt
4. Health system understanding as a Risk Management scholar and...
5. The joy I obtain from analyzing medical records (I saw you cringe), collectively, affords the clients I serve- YOU- with an unmatched legal nurse consulting experience & outcome!


In turn, I have helped my clients win BIG for theirs!

I am Your Brain Injury Expert and Certified Legal Nurse capable of:
. Hearing words unspoken (this is where the substance resides)
Deciphering the illegible (muddied waters are no match for my insight)
Pinpointing the root cause (no place for irrelevant details)
Funneling what matters most (insightful and succinct)
Identifying deviations from SOC (& defensive rebuttals)
Assessing alleged damages/ injuries (from personal and professional insight)
Analyzing validity & reliability (from a defense frame of mind)
Formulating strategic & authoritative reports/ chronologies (from a defensive perspective)... and so much more!


Based in Tampa, FL., serving satisfied clients nationwide!

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