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Exemplifying Excellence

Anoxic/ Hypoxic Brain- related Birth Injury

Anoxic/ Hypoxic Brain Injury (Children- Adults)


(Ischemic & Hemorrhagic)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Concussion/ mTBI

Brain Hemorrhage

Brain Aneurysm

Brain Infection

Who is Saundra Smyrski?

Saundra Smyrski is the founder of Saundra Smyrski LLC, Neuro Law (Legal Nurse) Consulting Firm. Birthed from pain and formed with purpose, Saundra Smyrski LLC, affords personal injury attorneys an unmatched, undisclosed, and unique firsthand:

1. patient 

2. parental and

3. healthcare provider perspective.


Saundra focuses primarily on brain injury and brain-related birth injury medical malpractice cases. She is a tenacious legal nurse professional with vast experience and incomparable insight in the healthcare profession.

Saundra utilizes her firsthand medical malpractice experience and internal insight, with her toddler son who suffered a widespread brain injury (stroke) at the hands of his medical team, to the benefit of the attorney clients she serves.  

Saundra's trained legal consulting skill set, healthcare professional bedside experience, and personal firsthand medical malpractice experience leverages her ability to evaluate, analyze, and render professional opinions on the delivery of healthcare and resulting outcomes. 

She serves as a partner, educator, and liaison in medically-related litigation. She liaises and builds positive relationships with attorneys, law firms, healthcare providers, caregivers, clients, and ancillary support. 


Prior to founding Saundra Smyrski LLC, Saundra worked in many healthcare positions and location types, as she continued on her scholastic journey.


Saundra has served in the following capacities:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant 

  • Medical receptionist

  • Medical Assistant

  • Patient Care Technician/ Early Mobility Leader

  • Memory Care Director (in charge of Alzheimer & Dementia unit at local Assisted Living Facility)

  • Registered Nurse- ADN

  • Registered Nurse- BSN

Prior to founding Saundra Smyrski LLC, Saundra's healthcare/ nursing experience includes:

  • Skilled Nursing

  • Assisted Living 

  • Adult/ Pediatric Urgent Care

  • Adult/ Pediatric Primary Care

  • Pediatric Intensive Care (A Level I American College of Surgeons (ACS) verified Pediatric center 2022)

  • Adult/ Pediatric Emergency/ Trauma Care (Only Level I trauma center in West Central Florida and the first verified American College of Surgeons (ACS) level I trauma center in the state of Florida 2022)

  • Cardiac Intensive Care (American Heart Association National Quality Achievement Award recipient 2022) 

  • Neuroscience Intensive Care (32-Bed Neuro ICU/ Level I Trauma Ctr./ Nationally Designated Stroke Ctr. 2022) 

& now I get to help make the difference for other families- the same difference that was m

Awards/ Recognition

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A multifaceted approach is a non-negotiable when pioneering true health system reform (1).
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“Truth is, there is no amount of financial compensation that would ever rightfully affirm justice as being served, in the face of the ever-relevant, long-term repercussions of negligent acts; however, financial security, on behalf of the injured, is the only justice that one may aim for once the damage is already done.” -Saundra Smyrski

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